Individual Membership

Why become an Alhamli Member?

Why does anyone need to retain a lawyer or law firm?

Resolution of a particular legal problem is done by hiring a lawyer. Lawyers are expensive, but hiring a lawyer on retainer can help to ensure that you keep one on hand if any legal issues arise. It is a bad idea to wait until you have a legal issue to hire an attorney. At Alhamli we understand this, hence we have devised membership plans that you can make use of. One is individuals and the other one is corporate membership which is for business firms.

Individual Membership

Protect yourself legally in participating in Alhamli Membership Program. Sign up here and benefit from our services

  • Hundred hours of free legal advices and assistance during the membership period.
  • Priority over other cases.
  • Discount of 25 % on all cases.
  • Funding for litigations after approval of advisory board.
  • Easy installment plan.

– This participation does not include the registration and follow-up of lawsuits, and does not include representation before the judiciary, and that is by independent agreement.
– This subscription does not include judicial fees, application fees and any other fees imposed by the competent government authority.
– After the usage of the membership hours , you will be charged per hour only.

If you are a corporate and want to benefit from annual membership please click here: Corporate Membership*Prices include TAX.