Employment & labour

Employment & labour

We understand the rights that every employer and employee have in UAE. Our experienced employment and labour specialists work with clients from a wide range of sectors to address issues locally and internationally. Labour law rules are primarily developed to keep workers safe and ensure they are treated fairly while serving employers’ interests as well. In every country, there is a different set of laws or rules that govern this area. There are standards that should be followed by businesses when they decide to employ people in their companies. There are conditions on how, when and where these employees should do their job. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), people usually refer to it as labour law instead of employment law.

Once an employer hires an employee, there is a contract between an employer and employee based on the law of contract. Only some terms of the contract of employment are required by law to be in writing. A written contract creates certainty and clarifies expectations if you have the terms and conditions of the employment set forth in a written agreement. Having a written contract of employment avoids potential confusion and disagreement about what terms and conditions of employment were agreed. Providing your employees with a written contract of employment also deter the employee from making inappropriate claims.

Types of Contracts in Labour

There are two types of contracts that can bind two parties (employee-employer contract) and different stipulations in the labour law apply to different situations that these parties involve themselves into. The way that labour lawyers in UAE can help you will be based on the laws and the decision of the courts as well depend solely on the stipulations that are stated and laid out in the  UAE Labour Law.

1. Unlimited Contract
Just like the limited contract, the commencement is stated on this but not the completion date. There can be different reasons that this open contract can be terminated under the UAE Labour Law, like a mutual agreement between parties to terminate a contract with a 30-day notice of termination given. An extension of this notice of termination exceeding
30 days can happen with different conditions.

2. Limited Contract
As what its name suggests, it is a fixed-term contract that usually lasts for two or three years, depending on the jurisdiction or authority. The commencement and completion date of the contract is usually connected to the person’s UAE residency visa’s duration as well. When this contract reaches its completion date, it’s usually automatically terminated
unless it’s renewed by both parties on an earlier date.

Labor market is full of complexities and with the promotion of new technologies these hurdles are sure to increase, freelancing, outsourcing, and numerous such business tactics have become popular due to such developments which are decreasing cost of business but on the other hand leading to severe legal repercussions which need careful study of international laws and codes of ethics. Our legal experts provide best services to our clients in tackling Labour and employment disputes, saving costs and better relationship with their employees and consumers. Over the years we have learned that pre-emption is the best cure for legal problems as it can prevent conflicts from rising during earlier stages. We guide our clients so that they can achieve regulatory compliance according to UAE Labour Laws in providing best facilities and services for their employees and Labour. Our Labour Lawyers in UAE are the best, for your Labour & Employment Disputes. We all know about this reality when there would be more options then there would be more dispute, whether it is Financial or Employment. Our Labour & Employment Lawyers in UAE cover and manage Employment Disputes by offering result-oriented legal services. Our Labour & Employment Lawyers practising in UAE, have helped a large number of individuals and businesses in their Legal Needs regarding Labour & Employment matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do contracts of employement have to be in writing?

Employment agreements should be in writing and registered with the Ministry of Labour;however, if in essence
the employee can prove a regular salary and qualifies to be considered as an employee under the lae, then a court may find an
employment relationship present.

What types of workers are protected by employment law?

With the exception of those stipulated in Article 3 of the Labour Law, the Labour Law applies to all employees
in the UAE. These exceptions are, in brief, government employees, members of the armed forces, police and security, family
members working for other family members with whom they live, housekeepers and farming and grazing workers.